Directed by the award winning director Austin Pendleton
Judy Rosenblatt & Annemarie Hagenaars star in Donald Margulies’


Ruth Steiner, an aging established short story writer and professor, mentors Lisa Morisson, an ambitious 26-year-old graduate student. Over the course of six years, their relationship blossoms, changes and survives incidents that threaten to destroy it. But when Ruth shares her long kept secret about a love affair with the real-life poet Delmore Schwartz and when Lisa uses this story in her first novel, the young author and the revered mentor get confronted with a complex dilemma: when is it permissible to write about another person’s life without their consent?

Hailing from NYC and the Netherlands, JUDY ROSENBLATT ( and ANNEMARIE HAGENAARS ( met over Zoom. Attracted and delighted by what they saw of each other’s work and encouraged by the iconic director Austin Pendleton, they began to work on this engaging and multi-dimensional play. Over a period of 5 months, they delved into the depths of the two fabulously layered characters they portrayed, and delightfully researched the real life poet Delmore Schwartz, the secret love in Ruth Steiner’s life, and explored the Beat Greenwich Village scene of the 1950s.

Responses from the audience:

“When the acting and direction are this superb, an audience doesn’t notice the absence of sets, a stage etc, to be fully drawn into the story and characters. Of any play I’ve Zoomed since COVID entered our lives, this was the most professionally executed.

“Annemarie and Judy navigated every moment so beautifully together. They really took me there and let me enter the world of the play. That’s all I ever ask of any theater experience, and yet it’s the hardest thing to achieve!”

“You were both so amazing! I went through the gamut of ALL of the EMOTIONS.  You simply blew me away.Thank you for your performance, thank you for this show.”

I saw your last performance of Collected Stories last night and I was mesmerized.  Maybe this is one of the benefits of Zoom: it’s impossible to take one’s eyes off of who’s speaking since they’re directly in front of you, but in your case it was utterly compelling and fascinating… Thanks for all the hard work that had to have been done to make the show happen.  And again, congratulations on a riveting performance.”

“Your play really affected me.  I loved both of those women.  They made me laugh, they made me think, they made me really angry and really happy.  You painted the picture of being an artist in NYC so well including all of the horrible politics included in our journey as artists. It was a wonderful cathartic journey and I’m so grateful for it.  I didn’t know how this was going to go with zoom as a medium.  I didn’t expect much, but it blew me away! The direction was clear, clean and you all obviously dove deep into your character work.  Every little moment was precious without being self indulgent. Margulies loves his words, but even in the quiet moments you both spoke volumes.”

“Brava, Annemarie and Judy – and bravo, Austin! This was an absolutely terrific performance – and very well suited to Zoom. Rich, intimate and compelling!”

“Tonight was wonderful. I can’t stop thinking about Judy and Annemarie’s acting which was perfect, so real that I felt I was there. Austin’s direction was unique and better than sitting in the 18th row.”

“So beautifully done. Genuinely laughed audibly several times!”

“Excellent pacing, and fabulous interaction. Fabulous Zoom adaptation of passing plates, glass, food and drink.”

“Beautiful performance by both Judy and Annemarie! Such an amazing way to experience theater! I wanted to love both women and dislike both at the same time!”

“This was the first time that I have seen this play. I thought it worked really well on Zoom and I could even describe Ruth’s apartment if you asked me. Wonderful use to props to create closeness across the screens. Thank you so much. I am so happy that I could attend.”

“Riveting. Complex, deeply moving relationship”

“Excellent performance and story. I was really immersed and as an artist related to the scenario which was so emotionally charged. Fantastic work Annemarie and Judy. Wonderful direction from Mr. Pendleton.”

“Judy and Annemarie, wonderful character arcs within the richly etched relationship. And fabulous, nuanced direction from Austin.”

“You were so great. You captured the ambiguity of the scenes so well. Thank you!”

“Collected Stories was a powerful play, beautifully acted. Kudos to both Judy Rosenblatt and Annemarie Hagenaars.”

Words from the director Austin Pendleton:

“I have seen many renditions of COLLECTED STORIES and never seen one that hasn’t been very exciting. This rendition by Judy and Annemarie is right up there with the best of them. I would love to see them render the whole play. I think a lot of other people would too.”

Review by Victoria Wallace, actress – Castillo Theatre:

COLLECTED STORIES – a very powerful piece of theater performed by two very different actresses. Judy Rosenblatt performs a woman of life-learned strength, intelligence and vulnerability. Ms. Rosenblatt is riveting; she gives us a character who demands attention; I couldn’t take my eyes off her. At times, she took my breath away. Annemarie Hagenaars creates a character of great sensitivity and sincerity from the first beat to the last. Together they fashion a fully realized and satisfying theater experience.”

Review by Johanna Leister, actress:

“The actors, Judy Rosenblatt and Annemarie Hagenaars, are beautifully suited for their characters.They were able to present, over a ten-week period, the entire play. It was fully realized and very cleverly presented over Zoom. They are two inventive, very hard-working actors, whose presentation of COLLECTED STORIES will be a great addition to your event.”

Review by Joy Martin:

“Good acting is wonderful to see. Great acting changes you somehow; you are not the same person you were before the play afterwards. That was my experience seeing Annemarie Hagenaars and Judy Rosenblatt perform the play COLLECTED STORIES. They were stunning; each in her own way. ‘Illuminating’ comes to mind as does ‘breath taking moment to moment’ and ‘being on the edge of your seat.’ It all seems so real. It also messes with your heart.” 


Additional artwork and photos are available upon request. Judy Rosenblatt and Annemarie Hagenaars are available for interviews. 

Showlist 2020/2021:

  • Tuesday, 9/15 5:30pm at KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival;  
  • Saturday 9/19 5:30pm at KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival;  
  • Monday 9/21 6:30pm at KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival;
  • Thursday 9/24 7:30pm KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival.