The Einstein Girl has arrived in New York City!

It’s very early in the morning here in New York. I’m staying at a wonderful place at the corner of West 15th Street and 7th avenue. I hear the traffic buzzing around. Everything is so familiar: the noises of the taxis, the ambulances and the fire trucks. Even the trip from Howard Beach Station to the center of Manhattan felt like coming home. I know it’s strange, but people asked me for directions. Oh, I love New York.
On the plane yesterday I watched New Year’s Eve. It is amazing to watch a movie that’s all about NY and Times Square and walk there a couple of hours later myself. So many people, so many shows, so many impressions, so much energy. Because of the 6 hour time difference I had a very long day yesterday and tried to stay awake, but around 10 pm NYC time (=4 am in the morning in the Netherlands), I fell asleep.
Today it’s shopping day, but first I need to wait a couple more hours before I can get some breakfast.
Times Square Ball 2012