One year anniversary!

It has been one year since the company Annemarie Hagenaars Actrice was founded. On April 1st last year I flew to New York to start working on my English version of The Story of The Einstein Girl. Since that day a lot has changed for me. The start of my own business as an actress also turned out to be, in many ways, the start of a new life, along with the ups and downs that are part of it. Thanks for all the inspiration! I’m looking forward to another year of interesting performances and acting jobs.

Birthday Cupcake With Lit Candle

This week rehearsals start for a brand new short theatre project in collaboration with Drie Maal Plankenkoorts . I’m working on a scene from Tennessee William’s A Streetcar Named Desire for the next 6 weeks. Performances are May 11th and May 17th. The day after the last show I will fly to the United States again to actually visit New Orleans (flying via Dallas) which is the city where the play is situated. Isn’t that a marvelous coincidence?