Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman on Broadway!

I just found my Einstein Girl script from 2012 again. I am going to prepare for another performance that is scheduled a few weeks from now. And I was surprised to see that one of my notes on the title page of that script says:
“Constellations, West End”

I went to a conference about science and theater in November 2012 at Imperial College in London, and I made a note that I should read and see that play! I also made a note about John Barrow’s 5 concepts of infinity. I am so grateful that I could go and see Constellations with Jake Gyllenhaal and Ruth Wilson on Thursday January 22 on Broadway! I read the play the night before.
And I also saw The Elephant man starring Bradley Cooper last Friday. His performance was one of the best stage performances I have seen in years. I was very impressed with how he changed his body and his voice to go into character. Amazing! The next night I went to see The River starring Hugh Jackman.

Before I had to head back home, I needed to make sure I had seen all the Broadway shows that I wanted to see. And I did! Yay!
What a contrast! While writing this, I’m overlooking the countryside of Brabant, The Netherlands. Not a sound… so quiet…[big sigh]