My first month as a working actor in New York City!

Hi everyone, so here’s a quick update about my experiences so far in this first month in NYC. It’s been a real roller coaster, and I am so happy to be back.

In the first weekend of April, I was invited by filmmaker Fokke Baarssen and actor/producer Garry Pastore to join them to visit the Garden State Film Festival in Atlantic City, New Jersey. That was fantastic! They introduced me to Al Sapienza (House of Cards, The Big Short and many many other great roles). Al and I talked about the craft, the industry and the do’s and don’ts during lunch, panel discussions and at the after parties. I also met actor Ronnie Marmo, and many other film makers and actors.

After the festival, I worked with actors Ronnie Marmo, Michael Tota and Kevin C. Carr on Thomas Baldinger’s new feature film Who’s Jenna…? I had so much fun!!! Check out the trailer!

In addition, I have become a member of the WorkShop Theater Company in New York after receiving a personal invitation from Artistic Director Thomas Cote. Also, after auditioning for Adrienne Weiss I have worked with her and her students in her Directing Actors for Film Classes and Workshops. I have met with Casting Director Kimberly Graham and I am taking her classes to work on my audition technique.

I am truly living my dream! Yesterday I got a call from the casting director for The Morningside Players and I have been cast as Nell McNally in a new production of Donald Margulies’ The Country House. The production is an AEA Showcase and we will start rehearsals next week. The first read through is on Tuesday night. Opening night is May 26!  I’ll definitely keep you posted! Yay!