Living the Dream – Six Months in NYC

annemariebirthdaynycTonight I biked back home via the West side Bike Path Highway after a great night out, and I realized something that I hadn’t fully realized before. While breathing the warm New York City air and feeling a cooling breeze through my hair, I couldn’t stop smiling. The city was buzzing, people everywhere enjoying nightlife and I inhaled this amazing energy, riding through Meatpacking back to Union Square along the avenues, and zigzagging between the taxis…

And it was then that I realized that in the past six months of my life, I haven’t had a single dream at night that was more exciting than the real life that I have been living since I moved to New York City. Is this it, when they say that you are actually living your dream? When you are exactly there where you wanna be, and doing exactly the thing that you wanna do?annemariebirthdayview
Is it possible to be deeply in love with a city? With all its beauty and ugliness, with all its energy, ambition, weirdness, and crowdedness; a city where I have been so fully living my dream that there is no space left in my head for a dream at night?
I have never felt more alive in my life than in the past six months. I am very grateful to experience what it is to feel like that: to live my dream, and follow my passion. I took a lot of big and risky decisions to be able to live and work as an actor in New York City and I am still taking risks, every day. And life’s going with ups and downs. Not a day is the same. There’s no steadiness at all. No space and time to be comfortable. Life in New York is a hustle, and it is not always fun…
But I have never been working on my craft, been on stage and done paid acting work so intensely in my life as in the past six months in New York City. And it is FANTASTIC! I couldn’t have wished for more, and I would like – once again – to thank all the people in my life who have made it possible for me to take this big step to live and work in the United States of America.
Have a wonderful night everyone and sweet sweet dreams!