Jim DeMarse’s “FOR THE LOVE OF DOG!”

I love dogs; real dogs; dogs that have all the features of dogs. Retrievers, Belgian shepherds, St. Bernard dogs, Newfoundlands… But it is so unfortunate that I am allergic to dogs. I met Jim DeMarse more than three years ago at EST when I was checking out New York City to see if I could live here. I have been living in this beautiful city for almost 2 years now. Richard, unaware of the fact that Jim and I had met years ago, brought us together again by asking me to participate in “For The Love Of Dog!”. An offer that for all the reasons above I could not refuse. Enjoy!

Monday, February 12th, 7:30 p.m. Start off Valentines’ week with a howl! Annemarie Hagenaars, Gloria Sauve, Viet Vo and Sidney Williams give an ardent reading of Jim DeMarse‘s romantic comedy FOR THE LOVE OF DOG!

308 West 46th Street, on Restaurant Row.
Admission Free + refreshments.