Opening night SHOOTER at Theaterlab

Last night I was at the opening night of SHOOTER. SHOOTER is an incredibly topical play written by Sam Graber. Some of my wonderful WorkShop Theater colleagues and friends direct it and act in it: Katrin Hilbe (director), Michael Gnat (gave a totally surprising and fine performance of the character Troy), and CK Allen (played the very likable character of Alan, one of Jim – the Shooter – his old friends).

The other actors are David Perez-Ribada (gives a solid performance of the laywer Ben-David, Jim’s other old friend) and Nicholas-Tyler Corbin, who shows us a very believable portrayal of the troubled high school kid Gavin.
Finally top actor Ean Sheehy (New York Theater Workshop, The Public Theater, Ensemble Studio Theater, Playwrights Horizons) plays the lead role of Jim – the Shooter – and is on stage every minute of the 90 minute show. He gives us the full emotional range of his character and takes us on the journey of what happened to him.

If you have a chance, please come out and see SHOOTER at Theaterlab. It runs there the rest of the month.
P.s. If you listen carefully you might recognize a few of the voices as my own. I recorded some of the female voices in this production. More than a year ago I did a reading with these fine actors of an earlier version of the play in which there was a female role of prosecutor played by me.