Working with Origin Theatre on “A kid like Rishi”

Tonight I performed with Atandwa Kani and Caitlin Cisco with the Origin Theatre Company in the beautifully written play “A Kid like Rishi” by Kees Roorda. The house was packed. What a night! Thank you to Kees Roorda and to director Erwin Maas for this opportunity to work on this amazing piece with these great actors.

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This wonderful piece is inspired by the true story of what happened to Dutch citizen Rishi Chandrikasing. “On November 24, 2012, he was shot dead on platform four at The Hague Hollands Spoor by a policeman. He was 17 years old and turned out to be unarmed. A fateful coincidence of circumstances. Playwright Kees Roorda was inspired by the police report with witness reports and interviewed those involved. He processed all this into a series of texts.”