Opening night “Carnival of Souls: Neon Animation + Live Action” @ Dixon Place

Performing a new show for the first time in front of an audience is always both exciting and stressful. Especially this show. I have never worked on and performed something like “Carnival of Souls: Neon Animation with Live Action”. It is not only a one woman show, it is also very experimental and new. The Never Been Done Before Ever In The World kinda thing. After weeks of rehearsals in the dark with no one but Jack Feldstein – who wrote the script, neon animated the film and directed the piece – to see it, look at it and comment on it, it was so extremely special and beautiful to perform it in front of an audience late last night at Dixon Place in Manhattan.


What a great day it was! The whole day including tech rehearsal when we found out the beauty of the possibilities we had at Dixon Place. What an amazing theater. I want to thank Dixon Place and I want to thank you, the very special audience who saw our new, strange and experimental piece for the first time. Thank you to all of you who were there: Paulo, Jac, Barbara, Richard, Thirsa, Olivia and more. Thank you very very much for your support!