My drawing of dinosaur Nr. 2: Triceratops

My drawing of dinosaur Nr. 2. Introducing Paulo’s favorite dino: Triceratops. This impressive herbivore dinosaur lived 68 million years ago in the same time and place as T-Rex and was probably one of its prey.

During self-isolation: my second drawing of a dinosaur. Triceratops

I could go on talking about Triceratops and the fascinating facts about “Three-horned-face”, but instead I’d like to give a big shout out to my man for making my time in self-isolation so fun and comfortable. 

I’m sure that all couples in quarantine discover new aspects about their significant others right now, how they deal with the #stayhome policy and whether they drive each other crazy… or not.

It is quite something what has happened in these past weeks. Two weeks ago, was my last day in New York City. I had a job interview in the morning (for which I got hired the next day, but then of course everything stopped…), I went to the last reading of the EST/Sloan First Light Festival series in the afternoon, had dinner with my long time acting coach Alan Gordon and went to a late night rehearsal for The Fifth Dentist, only to find out at the start of the rehearsal that the Pit Loft had decided to close its theater for the rest of the month and had canceled our shows. 

I came home very late that night not knowing it had been my last day in the city for a long time. I’ve not been in the city since that day and in hindsight it is a good, safe and healthy decision with my beloved New York being the epicenter of the pandemic in the States. 

These two weeks also showed me that Paulo and I are having a real good time together at home. If the weather permits, we go for walks in the morning in the most desolated areas we can find, he cooks the most delicious food and makes sure I stay healthy and fed. And he makes me laugh. The most important thing. He makes me laugh a lot. When this sad feeling of what’s happening in the world comes over me and I think about the people in my home country in Europe, my family working in healthcare being exposed to the virus every day, my dear artist friends who are suffering with no income in the most expensive city in the world, I feel uncomfortable and unhappy. A feeling of grief comes over me and can’t get myself to being productive. I can’t put down my phone and leave the news for what it is for just one moment. 

And that’s when Paulo is there to cheer me up. He just always finds a way to make me laugh one way or another. I am so grateful I get to spend these weeks in social isolation with my best friend and my love. I realize I am a lucky girl. 

I am curious about your experiences with your hubbies, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, best friends and lovers during the #couplesquarantine. Let me know what you notice about your significant other that you appreciate especially in a time like this. Thank you! Stay safe and healthy out there. #stayhome