Directed by the award winning director 
Austin Pendleton

Judy Rosenblatt & Annemarie Hagenaars star in Donald Margulies’


virtually at the 2020 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival 

I hope you are doing well, and that you and your family have been staying safe and healthy during these crazy challenging Covid-19 times. I would love to invite you to see my performance as LISA in the play COLLECTED STORIES live on Zoom. 

Hailing from NYC and the Netherlands, Judy Rosenblatt and I met over Zoom. Attracted and delighted by what we saw of each other’s work and encouraged by the iconic director Austin Pendleton, we began to work on this engaging and multi-dimensional play. Over a period of 5 months, we delved into the depths of the two fabulously layered characters we portrayed. We delightfully researched the real life poet Delmore Schwartz, the secret love in Ruth Steiner’s life, and explored the Beat Greenwich Village scene of the 1950s. At the zero hour, we applied and got accepted to perform at the Fabulous KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival.

I would be thrilled and honored if you could make it to our virtual performance.

Thank you!

Ruth Steiner, an aging established short story writer and professor, mentors Lisa Morisson, an ambitious 26-year-old graduate student. Over the course of six years, their relationship blossoms, changes and survives incidents that threaten to destroy it. But when Ruth shares her long kept secret about a love affair with the real-life poet Delmore Schwartz and when Lisa uses this story in her first novel, the young author and the revered mentor get confronted with a complex dilemma: when is it permissible to write about another person’s life without their consent?
Words from the director Austin Pendleton: 
“I have seen many renditions of COLLECTED STORIES and never seen one that hasn’t been very exciting. This rendition by Judy and Annemarie is right up there with the best of them. I would love to see them render the whole play. I think a lot of other people would too.”  
The 2020 KeyBank Rochester Fringe Festival, will host performances
via ZOOM on:
Tuesday, 9/15 5:30pm; 
Saturday 9/19 5:30pm; 
Monday 9/21 6:30pm;
Thursday 9/24 7:30pm.
$5 tickets now on sale at: 


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