First episode – audio version The Story of The Einstein Girl

This is the first episode out of ten from The Story of The Einstein Girl written, narrated and performed by Annemarie Hagenaars. Inspired by Philip Sington’s novel The Einstein Girl. Music by Andrew Huang

Almost 10 years ago I wrote a one woman show inspired by Philip Sington‘ s novel The Einstein Girl. The novel was a gift from a friend when I graduated from Utrecht University in the field of Foundations of Physics. I performed my show The Story of The Einstein Girl from 2011 till 2015 all over The Netherlands at theater festivals (such as Amsterdam Fringe Festival), secondary schools, universities and conferences. At schools and universities I combined the show with a lecture about the basics of Quantum Mechanics and Relativity Theory. It was a typical STEM show, or STEAM even.

I’ve not performed my one woman show since I moved to New York City in 2016. Other projects occupied my mind. However this last month, I’ve played with the idea to audio record the script and present it as a series of 10 episodes. I’ve included a few pictures from the theater shows I did at the time to give you an idea of what it was like performing it on stage. The script has 10 scenes in total. Here’s the first scene, the prologue. I hope you enjoy the first episode of The Story of The Einstein Girl written, narrated and performed by yours truly. Music by Andrew Huang.

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