Designer Hat Photo Shoot @ NYC Rooftop

Here’s a little sneak peek into the photo shoot we did on Wednesday for Anne DePasquale Millinery & Accessories and photographer Florio @lighthousephotographydreamwedd. I loved working with this fantastic team on a rooftop in Manhattan, New York. I’m grateful for a marvelous and productive day, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the shots. 


Photo credit: Florio @lighthousephotographydreamwedd.

Anne DePasquale @adhats @annedepasqualemillinery

Sierra Joan @sierrajoanmakeup 

Natali @natalia.pillgrim

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New year! New website!

Welcome to my new website! Feel free to look around to find more information about my life and work as an actor in New York City. You can read about my personal history, download my resume, check out some pictures and demo videos of my work. You can also find out what I did in my previous life in the Netherlands as a researcher with backgrounds in physics and astronomy. And you can follow what’s happening now through my blog.

Some pages are still under construction and will be updated soon, such as press and recommendations. If you have any questions or you just want to leave me a note, you can contact me through my contact page or connect with me through any of my social media links below.

I am looking forward to hearing from you. Enjoy the exploration of my website. Thank you!

With warm regards,

Annemarie Hagenaars

“Happy Holidays! A peek into…

…the life and work of New York City based actress Annemarie Hagenaars”.

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Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year 2019!

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Interview with PRN FM Radio in NYC

I am so excited to share with you this 45-minute Radio Interview that I did together with Jack Feldstein for The Progressive Radio Network in Manhattan last Thursday!  The interview starts with questions about my life as an actor here in NYC and then it focusses on the work I do with Jack on the theater show “Carnival Of Souls: Neon Animation + Live Action”.

This is the whole video registration of the interview for Insight Live With Host Mark Farrell – The Progressive Radio Network:

Enjoy! And thank you for your attention!

“That must have been a kick in the head”

Here’s a little taste from last night’s show at WorkShop Theater!

What a wonderful audience you were!

Thank you so very much for your support last night! Thank you to everyone who came out to see our show. It was fantastic to perform it for you all. The Workshop Theater was packed!

And it was the first time I performed the show with this particular character that I came up with last week, and Jack and I will keep exploring her. You were such a great audience and you all gave so much energy to both of us, and you really inspired us to keep going on this incredibly artistic and experimental journey! Jack and I got some terrific new ideas to go ahead and develop the piece further now that I have found this new character.

I am so grateful for you being there last night. And a very special shoutout to Thomas Coté and Dana Leslie Goldstein for making our show at the Workshop happen! Thank you!


“Destiny’s Smile” released in the theaters in China

I’m thrilled to announce that the Chinese feature film “Destiny’s Smile” in which I played a small role has been released in China last week! 🙌 Check out the IMDB page!

I had such a blast working on this film two years ago on the filmset in Chelsea. I met the whole Chinese film crew there when they were in New York for three weeks to shoot the New York scenes on location. They had hired an American director to work together with the Chinese director to communicate the notes for us actors in the scenes. Can’t wait to see this movie 🎥! With English subtitles. I don’t speak Chinese yet 🤗.


“Karma” Is A Masterpiece

Wow! 🤗 This is a truly beautiful review that Utah Film Awards has written about the short movie Karma that I am in:
“Karma is a masterpiece that baffles the mind, packed with mystery and suspense!”
“Job well done Irmak Tasindi. You’ve created an award-worthy film on the verge of worldwide recognition.”
For the full review:
Karma is written and directed by Irmak Tasindi. Congratulations to Irmak and the whole team. I am very proud to have been part of this wonderful team and this beautiful film.

Carnival of Souls @ The WorkShop Theater

Thursday, November 29, 2018, at 7:00 pm

Annemarie Hagenaars and Jack Feldstein are excited to present CARNIVAL OF SOULS: THE NEON ANIMATION plus LIVE ACTION at the very place where Jack and Annemarie met: The Workshop Theater.

If you buy online beforehand and you are a student/senior you can buy tickets for $12, regular is $15. All tickets at the door whether you’re student, senior or not are always $15. As seating is limited (the capacity of this cozy theater is 30), please order your tickets as soon as possible.

For TICKETS click here!

A modern take on a brilliant cult film that’s been neon animated by Jack Feldstein. Annemarie Hagenaars plays a contemporary woman of the #metoo era, taking over the role of the 1960’s woman in the film and giving the female protagonist today’s pro-active stance.

Curious what our show is about? CARNIVAL OF SOULS: THE NEON ANIMATION plus LIVE ACTION is captured perfectly in this interview with the Dutch Consulate: